Much Ado About Nothing

Bookmarks van 16 juni tot 19 juni

  • YouTube – ?Home Bouldering?‏
    Well… to? go to the toilet I had to climb a V4. It was called ‘The Toilet Seat Start”… It was obviously a seat start, then a chimney and a dyno to the door frame. But it gets pretty hard after lunch. Max
  • Researchers warn of mass ‘meshing injection’ attack
    When our HackAlert backend lights up like a Christmas tree we know something’s going on. This time we want to report a new type of mass-scale drive-by download attack that we’ll dub “Mass Meshing Injection” to contrast with “Mass SQL Injection.” We’ve been seeing it since mid-January of this year and its usage has been on the rise. We believe it’s been developed by CreateCSS group.
  • Project Spartan: Facebook’s Hush-Hush Plan To Take On Apple …
    We’ve learned about the existence of yet another secret project within Facebook. And while it’s not quite as sexy as the new Photos app, the ramifications of it are much larger. Say hello to Project Spartan.
  • Flickr: magisstra’s Photostream
    Astronaut Paolo Nespoli shot 100,000 while in space, and has posted many of them to his Flickr page.