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Two years of Mollom satisfaction

Davy started a meme: show off how well Mollom has been performing on your site over the past weeks, months or even years. I picked it up at Wim’s place. Here is the lowdown for my own blog.

2 years of Mollom satisfaction

To be more exact: Mollom was activated 703 days ago. Until now, 1,355 submissions were accepted and 23,999 rejected. Yesterday, Mollom blocked 12 spam attempts and accepted 0 ham messages. So far, Mollom blocked 13 spam attempts and 0 ham messages today.

Quite impressive.  The least I can say is that Mollom took away a big nag of mine. The gap in Q1 of 2009 was due to a critical bug which needed fixing in my code.  I ran Mollom in developer mode which means no real life statistics were recoreded during that particular timeframe. Apart from that, Mollom has been protecting my WordPress blog for the past 2 years and held on to it’s own.

Of course, you’re all probably eager to know whether I’m still maintaining the plugin. Yes, I am. Over the past few months, I’ve been working off and on to get a new version a the plugin ready. It will be a total rebuild with lots of improvements. I’m covering what’s to come and my own developer experience in depth in a future blog post.

So stay tuned!