Much Ado About Nothing

WP Mollom “O my god I can’t believe” 0.7.0

I just tagged major version 0.7.0 of WP Mollom in the WordPress Plugin Repository. Why a major leap (0.6 > 0.7)? Over the past month or two, in between my traveling and all that, I got my plugin taking full advantage of the great translation support in WordPress. So, it’s possible now to translate (or localize) the plugin in your own language.

Translation is very important because not everybody on the planet speaks english. Localization helps make WordPress more accessible and enables more people to pick up blogging.

WordPress, and the plugin, use GNU Gettext support for transparant and easy translation. Through userfriendly tools like POEdit, it’s very easy to translate all the strings which are contained in the interface of the plugin. All translations are bundled in a single .mo file which you need to upload with the plugin file. The code will pick up your translation depending on your WordPress settings. Of course, you can distribute the .mo file yourself or, even better, send it to me so I can bundle it with the plugin. Of course, where credit is due…

How can you help? If you are proficient in your own particular native tongue, you could pick up a tool and start translating. If you want to know more, you can read up on this tutorial. I’ve made a – provisional – example tranlation for Dutch which is stored in the file that accompanies this version of the plugin.