Much Ado About Nothing

Mollom out of beta

Congratulations are in order as the Mollom guys went out of beta over the weekend. Great! They did several upgrades to their service over the past weeks including improving their spam deterrents and the visual CAPTCHA.

When you settle with a free account, Mollom allows 100 legit comments to be posted on your blog a day. More then enough for most blogs. Powerusers should sign up for their Mollom Plus Service which allows 10,000 legit comments a day. Ideal for enterprise sites, businesses and community services.

You can find more information on their blog.

Over the past weeks, I turned my attention to several other priorities. But then again, I fixed several bugs in the plugin. A new version of the API documentation was released on the 15th of september. Maintainers of third party clients should turn their attention to section 9 of the API. Mollom now features an elaborate load balancing/fail over act.

Short of a few bugs, I’m trying to work out a better way of handling errors in the plugin. So a new version of the plugin is in the works and a release should be right around the corner.