Mollom galore

So, Dries and Benjamin put out t-shirts to all those who contributed in a way to Mollom. If all went well, and Belgian postal services did their job, a package with a tee would be waiting for me at home right now. A big thank you!

Over the past days, there were some hiccups with the plugin not working that well. First, crack groups of rogues still get the better of the plugin. I also got spam in the moderation queue on a daily basis. The service is still under development and strategies are being devised to counter these attacks as we speak. Second, during debugging rounds in the past days, I encountered some anomalies against the API which will be fixed in the next version.

Yesterday, Dries, Benjamin discussed, amongst other things, Mollom over dinner in Antwerp. How s/w/could the service evolve in the future? I came home with a lot of ideas and todo’s. Bottomline is that the current version of the plugin is only the start.

I know, Mollom news isn’t what most of my regular readers interests. I got several remarks from people who rather like the lifelogs, the photos, the videos or the links. So I’m working on a plan to move all the techy stuff, not just Mollom, to it’s own seperate personal techblog in due time.

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  • Zeker niet verhuizen naar een aparte techblog!  Het is net de mix die het fijn maakt.  En “skippen” gaat snel en gemakkelijk voor zij die in een bepaald thema niet geïnteresseerd zijn.  Anders moet je 37 verschillende blogs gaan opzetten voor elk thema 😉

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