Much Ado About Nothing

Mollom vs Netsensei

Over the past days, there were some hiccups with WP Mollom on my blog. Comments that were kept back and the likes. I had an little bit outdated version of the plugin running. Of course, over the past weeks since 0.5.1, I received quite some feedback. And over the weekend, there was a small adjustement in the Mollom API.

So I took action and during my daily commute from and to Leuven, I took the time to fix things up. I’m now running a test version of 0.5.2 on my blog. I improved the SQL yet again (thanks, Ben!) and a bug in the CAPTCHA form.

So drop a me line in the comments and if things don’t work out, don’t hesitate to contact me!

If you’re really willing, you can always give the development version a go. It contains all the latest changes and updates, but might not be so stable.