Much Ado About Nothing

To moderate… or not?

Today, I had an e-mail discussion with Dries and Benjamin over the use of a moderation queue within the context Mollom provides. I have on implemented in my plugin. The idea is that ‘unsure’ comments that don’t get through the CAPTCHA test, land in a moderation queue… sort of.

Mollom was actually designed to get rid of the queue. Checking if a commenter is human or a spambot happens through the CAPTCHA test. Early on in the process of posting a comment. That makes a queue where an administrator has to do the check after the facts quite unnecessary.

The problem is that the way I designed the plugin forced me use a moderation queue altogether. ‘Unsure’ labelled comments happen to land in the database, before the CAPTCHA check. Two months ago, that seemed the logical way out to me. Dries gave me some more insight in the workings of the Drupal module and was able to convince me to seperate the CAPTCHA check from the moderation queue. (I am not nearly into Drupal as I am into the workings of WordPress!)

So. It’s a bit back to the drawingboard for me as this means some parts of the plugin need to be reviewed.