Much Ado About Nothing

Mollom for WordPress iv

Yesterday, I made a last codingscram and implemented the entire feedback/moderationqueue in the dashboard. It works acceptable enough to put out a very rough betaversion out to the testers. Which I did yesterday-evening. I’m very curious about their feedback. I’ve already listed some points that will need improvement.

If you’d like to participate in testing please mail me!! Remember Eric Raymond’s famous aphorism: give enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow!

On the train to Antwerp. I got this idea: If a comment goes into the moderation queue, WordPress automatically sends out an e-mail to warn the site administrator. It would be such a breeze if the user could moderate and send feedback to Mollom through links in that e-mail instead of opening a browerwindow, go to the dashboard and start moderating.

Apparently, Field Commander Wieers got the same idea. Another optional feature I would like to add is the addition of a rel='nofollow' on every link that’s being posted in the comments. Something that could be very easily accomplished through the multiple comments hooks WordPress provides.