Much Ado About Nothing

Mollom for WordPress III

A little progress update on my Mollom for WordPress plugin. The past ten days some unexpected real life events kept me back from programming. No worry, I hope to do some hacking in the upcoming long weekend.

So, where do I stand? Well, I just need to implement the last necessary feature: the moderation queue and feedback module that catches the last 0.1% of (unsure/spammy) messages that Mollom can’t process itself. Shouldn’t be much more than an afternoon’s work though.

More important: it’s testing time! I’m in need of people who want to put the plugin to the test and who want to send me some feedback. Areas that need testing are: effectiveness of the spamfilter, usability (easy install, easy use), code (did I write it properly? What could/should be optimized?)

You can drop me a line on my mailadres matthias apetail netsensei dot nl if you want to take part, and I’ll send you the plugin. Important note: you need a stand alone installation of WordPress. The plugin doesn’t work with hosted blogs.