Much Ado About Nothing

Bookmarks van 13 juni tot 15 juni

  • YouTube – All Your History are belong to us
    All Your History Are Belong To Us (Game Development History) Uncover the dirt behind your favorite video game franchises on “All Your History”.
  • Youtube – A visit to ID Software
    This is a documentary produced by Employees of ID software in 1993.
  • PyongyangTrafficbots’s Channel
    Major Kim Kun Son, 24. She is one of the 200 single beauties of the Pyongyang traffic brigade that control traffic on intersections with a dash-ing ballet.
  • YouTube – Minecraft Documentary HD | GameTrailers
    Over the past year, the computer game Minecraft has become a cultural phenomenon, drawing millions of players into the unique, low-res world created solely by Swedish programmer Markus “Notch” Persson. When Persson announced that he would invest his Minecraft earnings in founding his own development house, Mojang, 2 Player Productions seized upon the rare opportunity to fly to Stockholm and document the first week in the life of the new studio.
  • YouTube – Before the “Real” Internet: Online was very purposeful
    This is a mediawatch broadcast of the work I was doing in the early 90’s in using Bulletin Board System (BBS) technology for helping people. This was pre-internet commercial world. It was fun then, learning and networking. Today we now have “Social networking” in the Web 2.0 era
  • YouTube – BBS The Documentary
    A brief collection of clips from one of the best documentaries of geekdom ever made.
  • Dood, verderf en koekjes me melk
    Tegen mezelf babbelen was nog nooit zo leuk voor andere mensen.