Much Ado About Nothing

WP Mollom 0.7.5

It took a while, but as promised: I just tagged version 0.7.5 of WP Mollom. This release only contains small bugfixes. From the changelog:

  • fixed: wrong character encoding when comment is fed to wordpress after a CAPTCHA
  • fixed: url was also truncated in href if > 32 chars in the management module
  • fixed: changed 2 strings against typo’s
  • improved: added pagination on the bottom of the management module
  • changed: contact details of plugin author

The first change is a long overdue bugfix but finally it got into stable. The bug it fixes caused WP Mollom to truncate the comment body text in certain cases due to wrong character handling.

The plugin should also be compatible with WordPress 2.9. I tested it in the past hours and didn’t have any problems with it so far.