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Over the past couple of days, it became apparent that WP Mollom suffers an issue where it “eats” your comment when a CAPTCHA is shown. The result is that only half of your comment is saved. Not good of course.Ā  Apart from that, there was also a problem with character encoding.

Of course, this issue needs solving. I could recreate the problem on a testsetup and found the culprit. This issue rears its’ ugly head when a commenter uses double quotes in his/her comment. Because of the way WordPress implements commenting, I have to embed the commentdata in the CAPTCHA form as a cluster of hidden fields. The handling of the encoding was a bit wonky here which causes data to get corrupted.

I fixed the issue and commited the code in the development version of the plugin (trunk). I’m not commiting it to a stable version yet because the adjusted code needs testing against foreign non-western character sets like simplified chinese and such. If your blog is set to use UTF-8 encoding (which it should!), you shouldn’t notice big problems with this update.

If you’re really anxious to get your hands wet, you can download the development version here.

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  • Question: on most of the blogs using Mollomw that I know of, I have to enter a captcha every single time I post a comment. Is it possible to make Mollom remember my e-mailaddress? I don’t like captcha’s šŸ™‚

  • Point proven (captcha again :P)
    And I’m 100% sure that even though I just posted an approved comment, I’m gonna have to enter a captcha for this one as well.

  • Have there been any updates on this issue? Has anyone tested it with non-Western character sets yet?

  • Hi. I didn’t receive any feedback, but it would be great if you’d take the time to give it a spin. If it works for you, I’d happily commit it to a new stable version.

  • I would be quite willing to test it out if my blog were using a non-Western character set, but it’s already UTF-8.

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