Much Ado About Nothing

WP Mollom 0.7.2

I just released version 0.7.2 of WP Mollom. Here’s the changelist

  • fixed: closing a gap that allowed bypassing checkContent through spoofing $_POST[‘mollom_sessionid’]
  • fixed: if mb_convert_encoding() is not available, the CAPTCHA would generate a PHP error. Now falls back to htmlentities().
  • improved: the check_trackback_content and check_comment_content are totally rewritten to make them more secure.
  • added: user roles capabilities. You can now exempt roles from a check by Mollom
  • added: simplified chinese translation

So, for the most part, this release is about security related under-the-hood changes. Another great adition is the use of user roles. With previous releases, you didn’t have to pass the Mollom check if you were logged in. Which was a bit of a security issue in it’s own. This release allows you to exempt certain user roles from Mollom scrutiny.

Finally, I owe a big thank you to Donald for the great work he did translating the interface into simplified chinese and his numerous suggestions. Thank you!! I would like to encourage others to translate the plugin! German, French and/or Spanish, if you know them, now is the time to put them to use!

So, go grab it from WordPress Extend or upgrade your installation through the famous one-step intaller in your Dashboard!