Much Ado About Nothing

WP Mollom 0.5.2

So, I wrapped up version 0.5.2 of WP Mollom today. This release is all about fixing several bugs.

  • fixed: passing $comment instead of the direct input from $_POST to the show_captcha() and check_captcha() functions.
  • improved: implemented wpdb->prepare() in vunerable queries
  • improved: mollom_activate() function now more robust
  • changed: mollom_author_ip() reflects changes in the API documentation. This is to catch up on the abuse of proxies by spammers. If your host uses a reverse proxy and you know the ip(‘s), just enter them in the dashboard. The plugin takes care of the rest.

I tried to make the plugin compatible with the WP OpenID plugin over the past weeks. But no dice. Stable version 2.1.9 of WP OpenID doesn’t deal with extra fields added to the HTTP POST by other plugins when a request is send to wp-comments-post.php. This causes WP Mollom’s CAPTCHA form and subsequent checks to malfunction.

The good news is that Will Norris of WP OpenID is aware of the problem. The development version does contain a fix for this problem and is actually compatible with WP Mollom. You can check out a copy from the DiSo Project’s Google Code repository if you really want OpenID and Mollom support on your site.

As always: refer to the documentation regarding all the in’s and out’s.