Much Ado About Nothing

Mollom 0.5.0 out now!

It took me the better part of June to prepare a new version of Mollom. But today I released version 0.5.0. You can download the package here.

So, a lot has changed since version 0.4.0…

  • I rewrote the SQL after this suggestion on Pressed Words. Mollom now uses it’s own table to store all it’s data instead of fumbling with the WordPress data model.
  • I fixed the incompatibility issues with WordPress OpenID plugin.
  • Improved the error handling.
  • Status messages are now a lot more verbose
  • Added the mollom_moderate_comment($comment_id) tag for use in templates and themes. This allows direct moderation of a comment without first having to go to the dashboard.
  • … a lot more!

So download, go forth and protect your blog against those vile spammers through Mollom!