Much Ado About Nothing

Release of WP Mollom

So. I scheduled a first public beta release of my Mollom plugin somewhere tonight (CET/UTC+1). The plugin runs quite stable on my own weblog and spam is happily being blocked. I didn’t receive major complaints from testers or users on my own blog in the past week. Yesterday, I cleared the code with Dries who took a glance at the major functionality.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a first beta release if there aren’t still some irks lurking around in the code. This morning, Leo Arias mailed me that the plugin won’t work together with the WP OpenId plugin. Having toyed with my own OpenID implementation for WordPress, I’m not a great proponent of this technology. The way you have to design a plugin implies using several shortcuts. I’m not going to push my release back now, though. I will try to fix this issue in the next release.

My code will also be thoroughly reviewed by the Mollom people.

Thanks to all the testers and those who just listed to become a tester!