Much Ado About Nothing

Mollom going strong

Okay. It’s been almost two weeks since I released the first installment of my Mollom plugin to the testers. I got some feedback and started hacking away. I’m almost ready to release a new betaversion. So, here’s a list of what’s been improved:

  • Added: bulk moderation of unmoderated comments
  • Added: policy mode. If Mollom services are down, you can choose to automattically restrict access to commenting
  • Improved: when the plugin is deactivated, the database is restored to it’s previous state (all Mollom related data will be removed)
  • Improved: only comments with a mollom session id are now shown in the mollom moderation queue (relevance)
  • Improved: assigning a mollom session id to a comment
  • Improved: the moderation queue interface is more userfriendly
  • Improved: Configuration of the plugin
  • Improved: error handling

As you can guess, I’ve not implemented trackback support yet. Dries and Benjamin suggested to send ‘unsure’ trackbacks to the moderation queue and skip the whole CAPTCHA part. I’m going to implement and release that one in the last testversion.

On a sidenote: I didn’t take into account that the plugin should work with WordPress MU but one of the testers tried it anyway. Apparently, next to a few minor bugs, the plugin seemed to function. Which is a nice bonus.

I still need testers, though. The more the better. So if people are interested to take part: please mail me!