Much Ado About Nothing


Het valt wel op dat spammers grote fans zijn van de actualiteit. Zo kreeg ik vandaag volgend mailtje binnen.


Symbol: WNWG . PK

Current Price: $1.18

This st0ck is trading at only 1.18 cents and we expect
it could hit
$3.50 – $4.00 by late September.

A Huge PR campaign is expected so grab as much as you
can up to $2.00
range. We all know it’s the big announcements that
make these small gems

How Will WNWG React to being Blasted onto Investor’s
Radar Screens,
This one is certainly worth watching All Week!!


You may want to Act very early tommorow morning!! Crude oil prices remained in record territory after soaring to new highs. Today/Monday past $70 a barrel as reports of new U.S. refinery outages rekindled fears that gasoline supplies of the world’s biggest consumer nation would struggle to meet rising demand. A spate of refinery glitches, an unusually active hurricane season in the U.S., and concerns over Iran’s decision to resume uranium conversion activities weighed heavily on people’s minds, pushing prices upward, analysts said.


The time to get in on this is Now! Once these small companies start moving they appreciate rapidly.

Ik heb het niet voor spammers en z├ęker niet voor speculanten die prijzen van grondstoffen en levensmiddelen nog een stuk hoger duwen.