Much Ado About Nothing

Statistics for Mollom

Because numbers and graphics can express so much more then words: a visualisation of how Mollom is protecting my blog against spam. I’ve been testing my plugin on and off for the past 2 weeks on my own blog.

Mollom for WordPress

The new beta release is almost ready by the way. Just need to pack and ship it to the testers tonight. So here’s what’s new:

  • Decoupled moderation from the CAPTCHA test. Moderation is now optional. If you fail to complete the CAPTCHA, your comment is not saved to the database.
  • Major improvement of the error handling. I dove into WordPress’ error handling. I think people should make more use of the WP_Error class in combination with wp_die(). Maybe I’ll do a small item on that one.
  • I added trackback support. Of course, displaying CAPTCHA’s for trackbacks isn’t going to work. So after discussing it with Dries, instead of trying to solve the CAPTCHA problem, those trackbacks are blocked as well.

As things get finalized, I’m thinking about doing a very first public beta release sometime next week. I had very few feedback from testers so far in fact. If people are still interested in joining me for a last spin: drop me a line!