WP Mollom 0.7.3

Another month, a new release. I just tagged WP Mollom 0.7.3. It’s got the shortest changelog up to date, but the translations that are included make up for that. fixed: multiple moderation would incorrectly state ‘moderation failed’ due to incorrect set boolean. added: german (de_DE) translation added: italian (it_IT) translation Many thanks go out to [… Continue reading this entry »]

WP Mollom 0.7.2

I just released version 0.7.2 of WP Mollom. Here’s the changelist fixed: closing a gap that allowed bypassing checkContent through spoofing $_POST[‘mollom_sessionid’] fixed: if mb_convert_encoding() is not available, the CAPTCHA would generate a PHP error. Now falls back to htmlentities(). improved: the check_trackback_content and check_comment_content are totally rewritten to make them more secure. added: user [… Continue reading this entry »]