Two years of Mollom satisfaction

Davy started a meme: show off how well Mollom has been performing on your site over the past weeks, months or even years. I picked it up at Wim’s place. Here is the lowdown for my own blog.

2 years of Mollom satisfaction

To be more exact: Mollom was activated 703 days ago. Until now, 1,355 submissions were accepted and 23,999 rejected. Yesterday, Mollom blocked 12 spam attempts and accepted 0 ham messages. So far, Mollom blocked 13 spam attempts and 0 ham messages today.

Quite impressive.  The least I can say is that Mollom took away a big nag of mine. The gap in Q1 of 2009 was due to a critical bug which needed fixing in my code.  I ran Mollom in developer mode which means no real life statistics were recoreded during that particular timeframe. Apart from that, Mollom has been protecting my WordPress blog for the past 2 years and held on to it’s own.

Of course, you’re all probably eager to know whether I’m still maintaining the plugin. Yes, I am. Over the past few months, I’ve been working off and on to get a new version a the plugin ready. It will be a total rebuild with lots of improvements. I’m covering what’s to come and my own developer experience in depth in a future blog post.

So stay tuned!


Bij een nieuwe business hoort er ook een nieuwe website. Gisteren heb ik online gezet.

Colada. Freelance web en drupal development

De nieuwe site bevat ook een blog. In het verleden blogde ik nogal graag over webdevelopment en technische kwesties. Het Mollom project heeft de laatste maanden nogal wat blogruimte ingenomen terwijl niet iedereen noodzakelijk interesse hiervoor had. Het technische krijgt dan ook een nieuwe plaats op mijn Workingman’s blog.

Natuurlijk draait de nieuwe webstek op Drupal.


Mollom 0.6.1

I just tagged version 0.6.1 of WP Mollom in the WordPress Extend repository. Which means in a few moments, you’ll be able to download the latest installment of my plugin.

So, what has changed? Well, this is a bugfix release which means no new features. Here’s the changelog:

  • Fixed: division by 0 error on line 317
  • Fixed: if ‘unsure’ but captcha was filled in correctly, HTML attributes in comment content would sometimes be eaten by kses
  • Improved: the mollom function got an overhaul to reflect the september 15 version of the Mollom API documentation
  • Changed: mollom statistics are now hooked in edit-comments.php instead of plugins.php
  • Added: _mollom_retrieve_server_list() function now handles all getServerList calls

Although almost all basic functions are up and running now, there’s still a long road ahead. Today, I’m happy with what I’ve accomplished technically so far, but such things as usability, performance, flexibility,… still need more work. For instance, there’s still no WordPress MU version, i8n support is still missing, the backend needs more simplifying and much more.

But then again, if spam annoys you as much as the mosquitos in my room did me last night, then this is the plugin for you. Download the package, drop wp-mollom.php in your plugins folder, register with to get your keys, just configure them in the plugin and you’re all packed with some serious spam stoppage power.

Happy blogging!