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Top Gear

Top Gear, maandagavond, 21u10, Canvas. Kijken!!


Pink Flamingo’s

Gisteren ben ik dus met kameraad Twanne geëindigd in de Pink Flamingo’s in Gent.


Mollom workflow

Dries made me a nice diagram on the process flow of Mollom. It shows the order in which your Mollom programmable should excute the different API calls.

Note: You should never try to save data to the database before all the Mollom checks including the CAPTCHA have been cleared. The idea is that through the challenge-response flow, the contributor has to validated him/herself as a human instead of forcing the administrator to make an educated guess.

As for the plugin itself: I noticed several small booboo’s myself over the weekend and sorted them out. A public release should be very soon-ish.